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- Sediment Management System


SedimenTraps are used along with the StormChamber system to help with sediment management. Two SedimenTraps are typically used for each StormChamber system – in the first and last chamber of the row receiving the storm water inflow. Sediment that escapes capture in the first SedimenTrap eventually gets washed down to the one in the last chamber of the row. Use of our SedimenTraps in this manner provides the same function as pre-treatment units, but at a fraction of the cost. They also provide a significantly longer effective life. To read more on how our SedimenTraps function as part of our integrated system, see The StormChamber System As a Water Quality Device. Also have a look at our water quality page. For information on maintenance of our systems read Maintenance of StormChamber Systems. To see how the StormChamber and SedimenTrap™ system work together, click on the button here to watch the animated video.

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