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Self Cleaning Drum Filter


The most popular and efficient type of solids filter for aquaculture systems is the self cleaning drum filter. All S-series systems are designed for either the plate filter or the drum filter and they can be interchanged, so if you begin with a plate filter you can upgrade later by removing the plate filter and putting the drum filter in it’s place.

Burdette Industries offers two styles of this filter. One is the largest and is designed for the S-09 system with the 5-3,000 tanks. The second one is smaller and designed for up to 6 of the S-12 8 foot diameter round tanks. The Burdette Industries drum filters were specifically design for aquaculture applications. As a result they are more compact than those found in other industries and are generally much less expensive. Unless otherwise requested they come with a 60 micron stainless steel screen which will capture all solid waste and particulate. During times of heavy solids flow, such as at feeding time, the drum filter may clean itself every 10 minutes. This ensures that the waste is quickly removed from the system flow. As a result the water quality improves by over 100% as compared to the plate filter. Maintenance is minimal

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