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The Chromafora Way is based on our award-winning technology for purification of waste water and selection of metals and organic pollutants. The process is cost efficient and environmentally friendly, the used chemicals are recyclable and the additives are biological decomposable. In other words, a pure profit for the environment and for your business.

Our award-winning innovation

Our pioneering innovation makes it possible to recycle the active chemicals in the processes of cleaning water in a most cost efficient way. The innovation was created by Dr Gaston Lavén and Dr Martin Kullberg as part of their doctorate at the Stockholm University. They were awarded the price 'Best Innovators of the year 2011 in honour of Alfred Nobel'.

Selective heavy metal separation using SELMEXT™

Chromafora offers a tailored technology, SELMEXT™ (Selective Metal Extraction), to handle waste streams containing dissolved heavy metals. The high selectivity also enables recycling of elements, for example REM (rare-earth metals). Applications can be found e.g. within mining, industrial wastewater and landfill leachates.

SELPAXT™ for selective separation of PFAS

Our SELPAXT™ product is a completely new way of treating water from perfluorinated alkylated substances, or better known as PFAS (including PFOS and PFOA). PFAS is commonly occurring in ground or surface water at places where firefighting foam has been used or stored. For example, PFAS is found in the ground and eventually in the run-off water at airfields, industrial sites and landfills, where PFAS waste sometimes ends up.

SELPAXT™ has a higher selectivity towards PFAS over other organic compounds even at high loads of organic interfering substances and has better retention of the shorter chained molecules when compared to conventional methods like activated carbon.

SELMEXT™ benefits

With a high selectivity and low chemical consumption, the amount of secondary waste that normally is generated when purifying a stream, can be decreased and in some instances almost eliminated.

  • High selectivity
  • Minimizing secondary waste
  • Low energy requirements compared to other membrane technologies
  • Highly adaptable to most types of water matrices
  • Useful to treat washing liquids used to purify solidified waste
  • Can transform waste streams into resources
Benefits with SELPAXT™
  • High selectivity for PFAS
  • Minimizing waste masses
  • Effective towards a broad range of the PFAS group spectrum (both long and short molecule chains)
  • Low energy requirements compared to other membrane technologies
  • Highly adaptable to most types of water matrices

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