Amerair Industries, LLC

Amerair Industries, LLC

Semi-Dry Acid Gas Scrubbing Systems



We offer complete design and supply of acid gas and particulate removal systems for waste combustion, steam and power generation, ferrous and non ferrous metals, cement and rock products, incineration and other specialty industrial applications.

Our semi-dry acid gas control system provides a complete solution to acid gas and particulate control with several possible reagents. When considering the use of pebble lime or hydrated lime as the primary reagent, Amerair’s complete system approach offers all of the necessary critical internal systems to assure reliable, efficient and cost effective operation which feature:

  • Thousands of hours of dual-fluid nozzle spray drying reaction vessel operation providing the desired flow and reagent distribution for effective acid gas control
  • Well-designed lime storage and delivery systems
  • State-of-art vertical ball mill slaking systems when required by the size of the installation
  • Reliable reagent slurry mixing and pumping
  • Superior medium and high pressure pulse-jet baghouse design

Amerair’s experience and proven technology is highly successful because of well-designed control subsystems that control slurry flow, dilution water as well as compressed air and slurry mixing in the dual fluid nozzle system. These systems collectively work to provide a constant uniform spray droplet size through the entire range of gas temperature and acid gas concentrations in the flue gas. The result of all this know-how, technology and experience is a complete particulate and acid gas control system which provides years of efficient and reliable operation.

Two Pulse Jet Negative Pressure Designed eight module baghouses and two dual fluid nozzle spray dryer absorbers for particulate and acid gas removal designed to absorb and filter 155,000 ACFM at 280F per unit at this municipal solid waste facility in the Midwestern US.

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