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- Model 220D/440D - Semi-Trailer Mobile Shredders


Getting the most out of your investment: TANA Shark has been engineered to provide maximum uptime. Its robust design, proven materials, excellent serviceability and ease of operation are features that keep it reliable delivering the performance and profit you are looking for. The TANA Control System (TCS) together with TANA ProTrack allows you to tune your process and to use TANA Shark to the max. It tracks process information in real time, whether it is fuel consumption, fault codes, uptime information or capacity. Optionally available scaling system weighs the shredded materials throughout the process. This information is transferred automatically to TANA ProTrack which provides you with reports by waste fractions.

TANA Shark In general
The TANA Shark waste shredder is a hydraulically driven, diesel engine powered, single shaft, low-speed mobile shredder. Its diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission are controlled by TANA Control

System (TCS). The TANA TCS protects the machine from overloading, overheating and possible damage caused by non-crushable material.

Unique versatility
TANA Shark is suitable for shredding of most reusable, recyclable and recoverable materials. The purpose may be volume reduction, refuse derived fuel production or recyclable material production.

The key to productivity is the machine's versatility. It is able to handle materials from MSW to waste wood, from plastics to tyres and it can be used either as a pre-shredder or to produce the required particle size in one phase.

Rotor and cutting knives
TANA Shark shreds material by cutting. The rotor configuration is a uniquely designed counter-twist. The cutting knives are reversible and made of highly wear-resistant material. There is a special rotor carrier assembly (pat. pend} protecting against possible damage in gearboxes.

Homogeneous particle size
The rotor to screen clearance has a major impact on the overall productivity of the shredder and uniform quality of the output. In TANA Shark this clearance can be finetuned for maximum performance.

Screens are available in different mesh shapes and sizes which the operator can choose from according to the requirements he has for the end product size.

The simple and robust counter knife design adds up to the versatility. The amount of the counter knives can be adjusted and they have two wearing surfaces.

TANA Shark has a variety of options to choose from:

  • Electric fuel refill pump
  • Engine air-intake pre-cleaner
  • Extension to conveyor
  • TANA ProTrack reports
  • Scaling system

TANA Shark 220D and 440D models are mounted on a semi-trailer, 220DT and 440DT models are on tracks.

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