- Model Plus - Point Gas Detector



Universal Point Gas Detector Accepting Combustible (Infrared or Catalytic), Toxic, and Oxygen Gas Sensors.

Highest Reliability and Function

  • Predictive Sensor End-of-Life Indication
  • Missing or Non-functional Sensor Indication
  • Sensor Test-On-Demand, with On-board Gas Generator

Intrinsically Safe Sensor Head

  • Shop Calibrate and Hot-swap Gas Sensors in Classified Areas
  • Mount Sensor up to 100 ft./30 m. away Without Rigid Conduit

Intelligent SensAlert Plus Sensors

  • Auto-recognition and Set-up from Sensor Non-Volatile Memory Provides
  • Operating Parameters and Diagnostics for All Plus Transmitters

International Approvals

  • Performance and Hazardous Area Tested and Certified to FM and ATEX Standards
  • Unrestricted Hazardous Classified Area Installation and Operation

Flexible Installation or Retrofit

  • 2-Wire and 3-Wire Transmitters with Multiple Enclosure Options
  • Non-intrusive Configuration and Maintenance User Interface
  • Remote Sensor / Gassing, Duct Mount and Sample Draw
  • Configurable Alarms: Gas Alarms, Fault Conditions, and Test-on-Demand

Increased Reliability
Intelligent and dependable firmware monitors the intelligent Plus sensor for changes that could affect performance. Sensor condition and maintenance notifications are displayed locally and can be sent to a controller or facility monitoring system via on-board relays, a virtual relay (assignable to a fault current), RS-485 Modbus, or HART. This thorough system monitoring provides increased reliability.

Simple to Install & Maintain
The SensAlert Plus Intrinsically Safe sensor head can be remote mounted up to 100 feet (30m) from the transmitter providing greater flexibility to position the transmitter in an personnel-accessible location while positioning the sensor closer to potential hazards. A wide range of sensors, accessories and remote gassing/sampling systems further simplify maintenance and provide installation flexibility.

Reduced Cost of Ownership
Shop or field calibrate, then swap sensors under power to minimize maintenance and calibration time. A large backlit alphanumeric display with a non-intrusive user interface allows for configuration, setup, and data review without declassifying a hazardous area. SensAlert Plus is a universal transmitter allowing equipment standardization across gas types, sensor technologies, and sensor ranges.

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