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Live life to the fullest without compromising your health, well-being or personal style. The Blueair Sense is a stylish air purifier, perfect for compact spaces where good looks matter, but breathing clean air matters more. Available for the Blueair Sense family, Blueair HEPASilentPlus technology is based on HEPASilent technology. There are two sets of filters, each consisting of a particle filter and an activated carbon sheet. The first set of filters removes large pollutants before charging the particles, and the second set captures the remaining particles. The activated carbon traps odors, tobacco smoke and gaseous contaminants.

Unique Blueair HEPASilentPlus Filter

Get two powerful filtration styles in one. The Blueair HEPASilentPlus Filter combines the Blueair Particle Filter with an added activated carbon sheet to stop smoke and gaseous pollutants.

Optimized airflow

The Blueair Sense is a design air purifier, with a unique wraparound housing and an eye-pleasing grille that maximizes airflow. 

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