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- Model S-600C - Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS)



SS-600C Continuous Emissions Monitoring System developed and produced by Senshang Instruments is to monitor the total air pollutant emissions from stationary sources, mainly used for industrial boilers, power plant boilers, industrial furnaces emissions monitoring, to measure SO2, NO, CO, CO2, O2 etc. dynamic continuous monitoring, simultaneous to measure particles content, gas flow, gas pressure, gas temperature, gas humidity and so on.

CEMS consists of:

  • Gas analysis monitoring system.
  • Particles monitoring system.
  • Gas temperature/pressure/velocity measurement
  • Data Analysis System.

II. Application fields
It mainly used for industrial boilers, industrial furnaces emissions monitoring in power plant, iron & steel factory, cement plant and son.

  1. Max sampling gas temperature : 400aC
  2. Max working pressure : 6BAR
  3. Heating temperature: sampling probe 140aC (factory default, can be changed) ; heated tube 1209C
  4. Ambient temperature : -2(h60aC
  5. Max dust load : 100g/m3
  6. Filter accuracy : 0.1pm
  7. Gas pretreatment sample gas dew point: 4 'C
  8. Linearity : sl%
  9. Accuracy : £1%
  10. (.Zero drift: ±2%/week
  11. .Span drift: ±2%/week
  12. '.Calibration way : Manual/Auto
  13. 1. Communication output: RS485,4-20mA

  1. The system can automatic sampling, remove dust, calibration, fault diagnosis and alarm.
  2. System cabinet modular design, simple operation, less maintenance.
  3. System by heating extraction method for continuous monitoring of flue gas pollutants.
  4. The sampling probe has big filter area, and filter easy to change.
  5. The pretreatment device is effectively waterproof and dust proof, anti-corrosion and anti-clogging.
  6. The stability and reliability of the system are higher by PLC design.
  7. System has a variety of data output.
  8. Flue gas analyzer adopt NDIR gas sensor technology or UV technology, measurement accuracy, high resolution and precision and good stability.
  9. High quality and accuracy laser gas analysis system to measure HCL,HF,H2O are available.

  • Measurement items Ranges
  • SO2 0-250-2500ppm (measurement range can be customized)
  • NO 0-250-2500ppm(measurement range can be customized)
  • CO 0-200ppm to 10000ppm
  • CO2 0-20%vol
  • O2 0-10%-25%
  • Temperature 0-300℃
  • Pressure -5-5KPa(relative)
  • Gas flow 0-30m/s
  • Particles 0-50mg/Nm3

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