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Sentry Flow Meter


A specially designed product that becomes a “must” for every service truck. Plumbers, well service people, water softener repairman, lawn sprinkler and turf service, as well as all other service professionals depend on the SENTRY FLOW METER for a variety of reasons.

The SENTRY FLOW METER was developed to provide accurate flow rates of pumps from 0-100psi, at flow rates anywhere from 4-28 gpm. The unique design was engineered after years of trying to diagnose water pressure problems in various applications. By adjusting the handy ball-valve, the SENTRY FLOW METER can tell you the condition of the pressure tank, pressure switch, pump and if there are any restrictions in the water line. This will help in determining problems in water pump systems or in the water distribution system. The meter is also ideal for detecting scaling in pipes in city water applications by showing low flow rates and severe pressure drops.

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