- Weekend - Holiday Cottage Dry Toilet



The Weekend unit is a urine-separating holiday cottage dry toilet for use indoors. Urine separation allows the emptying frequency to be reduced to a fifth and the characteristic hydrogen sulphide smell (the toilet smell) to be eliminated. The fan creates low pressure that quickly dries out faeces and removes any bad odours. This also ensures that the toilet is supplied with fresh air.


Care Instructions:
Rinse the urine bowl with water regularly. Add a coffee cup of peat litter occasionally to weigh the paper down in the latrine vessel.

If the unit is not used for long periods, we recommend that the faeces container is emptied and that the urine bowl is rinsed with water and the fan is disconnected. If the fan does not start after a long period of inactivity: poke the fan blade.

NB! This unit is intended for use indoors, but can also be used in cold areas!

Guarantee 3 years guarantee against fabrication faults.

  • Breadth : 450 mm
  • Depth : 540 mm
  • Height : 520 mm

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