Delta NEU S.A.S.

Delta NEU S.A.S.

- Air-Material Separation and Air Filtration Device



Device facilitating air-material separation and air filtration. Flow: from 5 000 to 15 000m3/h.

The Separojet comprises of a main vertical casing, in which is fined a special profiled air screen ensuring the effective separation of air & product. The adjustable aerofoil inlet of the Separojet allows the adaptability to the characteristics of the waste being handled.

A 6 bladed 750 mm dia. rotary air lock placed under the separation screen discharges the large quantities of all types of waste. The concept of ibis air lock is to have effective air tightness as there are always 4 out of the 6 blades in permanent contact with the casing.

The dusty conveying air now travels into the dust control section situated behind the separation screen, which is composed of tubular filter sleeves, of a circular section, with a 'SNAP-RING' seal. The filter elements have reinforcing rings to keep them in shape during operation. The agglomerated dust forms a 'cake' on the external sleeve surface and is cleaned by an injection of compressed air which is made row by row via an adjustable timer. The cleaning is 'on-line' during the operation of the process without causing any loss in the extracted conveying airflow.

A compaction screw or a 250 mm dia rotary air lock allows the removal of the dust collected in the hopper whilst again ensuring an effective air tight seal for the Separojet.

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