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Model Series B1A - Trash Basket



Perforated style trash baskets are used to screen out solids that may otherwise damage pumping equipment in wet wells. This style basket is for light duty applications, screening up to an 8 inch (302mm) influent pipe. Standard baskets are manufactured of aluminum or stainless steel and are used in conjunction with either an extruded aluminum or stainless steel pipe rail system, which is used to position the basket at the proper elevation. The standard hole configuration is 2 inch (51mm) holes on 3 inch (77mm) centers with other hole sizes and spaces available. Trash baskets are used with portable hoists, which are used to raise and lower the basket for cleaning purposes.

The B1A series trash basket system as manufactured by Halliday Products, Inc. of Orlando, Florida, shall be of the perforated screen style basket, having 2' (51mm) holes on 3' (77mm) centers. The basket shall be of .080' (2mm) aluminum with aluminum tracking angles as part of the basket frame. The guide rails shall be extruded aluminum channels sized to facilitate easy operation of the basket. An aluminum basket stop shall be supplied.

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