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Model Series L1B and L1D - Ladder



Series L1B utilizes wall mounted standoffs while Series L1D utilizes both wall mounted standoffs and floor attachments. Aluminum ladders are used in both above and below ground applications where corrosion resistance is required. Ladders are of welded construction and utilize 1/2' x 2 3/4' (13mm x 70mm) channel stringers with 1 3/8' (35mm) diameter type 'D' rungs with flat slip resistant surface. Standard ladders are 16' (406mm) wide with different widths up to 24'(610mm) available upon request. Ladder lengths and stand off lengths are custom fit for each application. Required information includes ladder length, standoff length and wall configuration.

Halliday Products durable corrosion resistant ladders are manufactured in either aluminum or stainless steel. Ladders utilize all welded construction and are custom made to insure proper fit for a perfect installation every time. Just supply us with the following:

  • Required Ladder length
  • Wall configuration (diameter or flat)
  • Stand-off type (fixed or adjustable for very uneven walls)
  • Stand-off length (distance off the wall)

The series L1B and L1D ladders as manufactured by Halliday Products Inc. of Orlando, Florida, shall be constructed entirely of aluminum. The rails shall be 1/2” x 2 3/4” (13mm x 70mm) aluminum extrusion and shall be spaced 16' (406mm) apart. The wall mounted standoffs shall be 3/8” x 2 1/2” (10mm x 64mm) flat bar and welded to the rails at a maximum of 60' (1.5m) on center. The standoffs shall be a minimum of 7' (178mm) and manufactured to fit flush with the wall. 1 3/8' (35mm) diameter type 'D' rungs with flat slip resistant surface shall be spaced at 12' (305mm) on center and welded to the outside of each rail.

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