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Total Organic Carbon analysis has been classified as a non-specific analysis method to determine the organic load in water. Its inherent accuracy and speed, combined with a low cost of ownership make it a preferred (standard) analysis method in many countries and industries. The AppliTOC® Series of On-line TOC Analyzers have been field-tested for many years in a wide range of applications and environments to determine organic compounds in water matrices.

The standard Total Organic Carbon configuration of the AppliTOC® is in fact a measure of the non purgeable organic carbon (NPOC), while the volatile carbon (VOC) and the purgeable carbon (POC) are stripped out and lost for analysis. Although all UV/persulfate TOC analyzers employ similar basic techniques, AppliTek has challenged the boundaries of this technology. AppliTOC® uses an adapted version of the standard TOC method in accordance with standard methods USEPA 415.2, ISO 8245 and DIN-EN 1484, by finetuning the oxidation process and optimizing its core performance.

Special configurations

The so-called “True TOC” is a special configuration of the AppliTOC® which is a 100% measure of all organic carbon in the sample, and applicable when the ordinary TOC configuration does not satisfy your needs.

For hazardous areas, a special enclosure in stainless steel is available with all necessary connections, special analytics and control units, designed and certified to fully meet ATEX or NEC 500 directives.

  • Analytical mainframe can be configured to Total Organic Carbon, True Total Organic Carbon or, Total Inorganic Carbon or Total Carbon
  • Smart features and add-on units reduce down-time and unnecessary checks substantially
  • Built-in carbon removal system for purifying instrument air
  • Unique range-specific solid state IR detectors with automatic zero calibration
  • Up to three (6) sampling points possible
  • Incorporated industrial PC with AppliTek controller software

Analysis method
Hot-aerosol UV / persulfate method

Measuring ranges
One single range, factory set:
0 – 5 mg C/L                        0 – 500 mg C/L
0 – 10 mg C/L                      0 – 1,000 mg C/L
0 – 20 mg C/L                      0 – 5,000 mg C/L
0 – 100 mg C/L                    0 – 10,000 mg C/L

Standard configuration
Total Organic Carbon as non purgeable organic carbon (NPOC)

Other configurations
Total Inorganic Carbon:
Total Carbon:
True TOC:

Cycle time
6 – 12 minutes (depending on range)

Automatic, free adjustable sequence

Automatic, free adjustable sequence

Automatic, free adjustable sequence

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