Quantum Ionics, Inc.

Quantum Ionics, Inc.


The biggest impediment to INNOVATION is quite simply the fear of the unknown. We decided to meet that challenge by unconditionally vouching for the technologies we own, represent and employ. The best way to accomplish this was to design, construct, install, and operate water solutions for our clients where the client could have the benefit of the latest advancements to wastewater treatment without the undue risk. Provided at a set cost per gallon or kl/m3. They work and deliver as promised -- or you don't pay. To accomplish this, we partner with world-class construction and O&M (Operations & Management) firms to ensure seamless build-out and operations - all supported by the efficiencies we know we can deliver.

How They Work

  • Our engineers work with the customer to design the optimum system for the application
  • Customer pays based on the amount of the water treated, assuming minimum flow rates are achieved.
  • Contract covers all maintenance and consumables.
  • Contract covers all waste handling, removal and disposal.
  • Staffing can be our responsibility or the client's or split.
  • Guaranteed Results. If the system doesn't work, you don't pay.


  • Client can optimize operations with little or no up-front capital expense.
  • Working capital that would otherwise be used for equipment purchases is now available for other uses.
  • Water treatment is now turn-key with guaranteed results, allowing for greater focus on your core business.
  • Client has access to the latest innovations in wastewater treatment available today.
  • Efficiencies presented by EC are passed on to the customer resulting in a low-cost solution that can be motivated remotely by both the customer and/or by our home office.

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