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- Model N Series - Coaxial Connectors



N series is the most practical coaxial cable connectors for 7mm (inner diameter of outer conductor) of 50ohm group. High frequency performance is superior. Many types of connectors are available to satisfy various cable requirements.N series (50ohm group) is not intermateable with NC series. (75ohm group).

  • N series is a thread coupling coaxial connector which is   the most popular as a 7mm type 50 Q impedance.
  • N series is available for various cable type.
  • It is incompatible to NC series(75 O impedance N Style connector).

  • Characteristic Impedance : 50 O
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage : 1,500V AC(r.m.s) / 1 minute
  • Insulation Resistance : l.OOOMQmln. at 500V DC
  • Contact Resistance : 3m 0 max.
  • V.S.W.R. : 1.3 max. (DC ~ 3GHz)

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