Sensotran, S.L.
Sensotran, S.L.

- Model C1 - Control Unit and Gas Alarm



Highly specific sensors with minim interference to other gases. Reliable, stable and ruggedness detectors. Electrochemical, Catalytic and PID sensors, designed to provide: Long maintenance intervals over the time. Provide good thermal stability and large sensor life.

  • Gas Detection and alarm control panel, for flammable, toxic, oxygen and VOCs, SENSOTOX C1 with incorporated or remote sensor, and reset audible alarm and relays function:
    • Available for different gas type
    • Digital indication module controlled by microprocessor.
  • Two alarm levels adjustable over the full range, with relay output.
  • Adjustable delay for each set point.
  • Digital 4 digit display with concentration indication on percentage or ppm.
  • Alarm control circuit with loud buzzer.

  • Inert gases storage rooms
  • Basement badly ventilate
  • Greenhouse
  • Laboratory
  • Service galeries
  • Waste water treatment plants

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