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Model SES - Technology for dissolving crude oil


The unique biological agent to dissolve crude oil and its derivatives on the aquatic environment. A new technology which, unlike other products available on the market works. The crude oil is not dispersed, it is dissolved. The power of SES breaks the connections of the molecular system of the crude oil and its by-products with information out of different plants. The materials, including hydrocarbon, start to dissolve. The power of plants starts to work and changes elements, what they are created for. A transmutation force, which achieves things, that mankind can’t, but the small flower daisy and all other plants can do. To change elements into other elements. The scientists in CERN, Switzerland, are experimenting on it for 20 years now, with their 8,5 km diameter particle accelerator. But without result until today. The plant can do it and we are using their transmutation force and transform hydrocarbon and its by-products into water.

SES is a spreading agent, it can be sprayed or mixed with water. The transformation or transmutation force of SES
will be transmitted through the water. As a spreading agent is easy to use against oil spills.

SES the world wide only real oil dissolver for crude oil.

Facts overview:

  • SES dissovle crude oil, not as a disperser like all other materials, it is a dissolver! and dissolve the spill complete, dissolving without any rest material.
  • SES works biological by plant power. It break the molecular system of the hydro carbon and his derivative. The power of the plant ingredients starts to work and change the elements, what they are created for. The transmutation forces the plants to act.
  • SES is a spreading agent, it can be sprayed or mixed with water. It works by huge and small spill in lesser time as any other product of the world.
  • The cost to clear the spill are by 25-50 % of the normal way, sometimes of open water area up to 80 %. but important to know, no cost after, no environment problems.
  • Easy to handle, spraying per pump, agriculture spraying airplane, fire boats, tuggle boats, or mixed it in polluted industry water.
  • Not dangerous material, 100% not dangerous for flora and fauna.
  • Animals that are contaminated with oil, can be sprayed with SES immediately the oil from the skin, or detach from the skin.
  • Coastal sands, rocks and environment can be cleaned with SES .
  • 1 l of SES can dissolve by 1000 l crude, on open Sea. The daily oil outlet of each rig can thus be biologically eliminated. Not only helps nature, just as it improves the image of the oil and gas producers on. SES has a wide field of applications.

For the first application of SES in an oil spill or oil accident, the oil dissolver company will advice the local crew how to proceed and to apply the SES. To investigate the complex of problems together and to develop the tactic of operation and to organize the logistics together for the following applications:


1. Sea

Spraying the SES over the water:
Can be done by agricultural spraying airplanes, by fire-boats or by tug-boats. If a boat is used, SES will be injected into the hose before the nozzle. The dosing will be controlled by a metering pump, that takes for example the concentration of 1000 l IBC-container of SES concentrate.

The operation can be done via GPS, by day or at night. SES-Applications

  1. The first step must be the vaccination of the effected area
  2. The second step is to treat the remaining effected areas until all is dissolved. the dissolving may take one or more days.
  3. By strong wind the spraying airplane has to fly low and with less SES, but more water, to prevent that the wind blows away the solution. More flights have to be done.


2. Beaches and ports

If oil is on the land, close to the sea or a river, the oil will be vaccinated with SES by spraying over the area. Depending on the temperature, on the amount of oil and on how old the oil spill is, the time of starting the wash up varies: when to pump water from the sea or a river over the vaccinated areas. In stronger effected areas the proceedings have to be repeated. In this case sprinklers have to be used instead of a nozzle.

3. Underwater

Cleaning up underwater and oil suspended between the surface and the bottom of the sea:
For big contaminated areas, the best way is to use a trawler with a GPS navigation system and a big winch for the special cable, with the SES vaccination hose, search light and tv-camera. Suspended oil in different depth can be treated with the help of a pulled and guided mini-submarine on the end of the cable. Three dimensional cleaning, computer controlled. Most of the components exist already. This is the only way to free the area underwater from the fatal and toxic material. This is the way to recover the fauna and the underwater life in rich shrimp and fish areas, like in the Golf of Mexico and in the Middle East, or other areas. The first step for underwater cleaning is to investigate the area with special equipments, GPS, underwater camera and sonar. The same trawler type can also vaccinate the SES into the polluted area, because the SES vaccination hose is already installed in the special underwater cable. During the investigation period, that permits selective vaccination for tests and to control later the results. SES works by any water temperature. You can use SES under the ice of the Arctic.


4. Rivers

River pollution can be treated like sea pollution, only with smaller boats; but also with agricultural spraying airplanes.

5. River sides

The river sides have to be cleaned like the beaches and ports. In this case the water comes from a submerge pump or from a fire tug boat.

SES-Applications: The hose from the submerge pump or boat has to be long enough to a fire engine with a water gun. The hose has to be moved by off road vehicles and helpers over obstacles, to flush the vaccinated and dissolving oil to the river, in which the dissolving will be completed. In steps like for the beaches (see diagram SES Shore/Port Cleaning).

6. Small lakes

Oil pollutions in small lakes can be treated with a fire engine from the shore with the water gun. The SES has first to be filled into the tank, and after the water. The oil spill areas have to be vaccinated and it has to be checked, if the oil starts to dissolve. This is the time to flush the dissolved areas, and to move the water. Repeat the proceeding until the area is clean.

7. Big lakes

In big lakes can be used boats with water guns. The SES will be injected in the water hose before the nozzle, controlled through a metering pump. If necessary, the procedure has to be repeated, like in the sea cleaning.


8. Swamps (like in Nigeria)

Also swamps have to be vaccinated and a place has to be found with enough water for pumps, mobile or stationary. Water is necessary for vaccinating the area step by step and after the beginning of dissolving, the flushing has to be organized. Nearly the same proceedings like for the beaches or riversides. Vaccination of big swamp areas can also be done by an agricultural spraying airplane. The flushing has to be done from the ground, also the control of the proceedings.

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