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InfoSense, Inc.

Model SL-RAT - Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool


Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT)  InfoSense’s Revolutionary Acoustic Inspection Tool for Wastewater Collection System Assessment

  • Focus cleaning effort – reduce cleaning by over 50%
  • Pre-maintenance inspection – perform low cost basin assessments
  • Eliminate repeat and downstream overflows
  • Post cleaning – quality assurance
  • Think sl-rat for rapid blockage assessment

The SL-RAT is our highly portable onsite assessment tool that provides a sewer line blockage assessment in less than 3 minutes. The SL-RAT is composed of two components – the Transmitter (or TX unit) and the Receiver (or RX unit).  Each SL-RAT device is sold or leased as a uniquely configured “pair” – with the TX providing the active acoustic transmission through the pipe (think of the TX as “yelling” down the pipe) and the RX providing the microphone and signal processing capabilities to listen and interpret the received acoustic signal (think of the RX as the brain “listening” for the blockage and processing the blockage assessment result). 

Additionally, each SL-RAT component is equipped with GPS and the ability to communicate between the TX and RX via RF – thus providing your organization with world class data labeling, data registration, and test validation capabilities.

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