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- Model P-HV - Aluminum Air Grilles



EZON P-HV air grilles (horizontal and vertical arrangement of individually shutters) are used in the income/exhaust ventilation and conditioning systems. They are designated for installation into ventilation air ductsand construction openings in buildings of various types and applications.

The grilles are made of an aluminum profile in the form of a frame with horizontally and vertically arranged tear-shaped shutters with an individually assigned and independently adjustable tilt angle to provide the required air flow direction. The grille construction allows for a standard fixing with screws (mounting holes are located at the front side of the grille frame), as well as concealed fixing with clamps The manufacturer strongly recommends not to use the clamp fixing for items with coupling dimensions greater than 600x600 mm. 

The powder polyester paint is used as a protective and decorative coating. 
The default coating color is – white (RAL 9016,but the customer may choose any color from the RAL color catalogue as an option.

There is a possibility to equip the SEZON P-HV grilles with an opposed blade damper OBD and an air-duct adapter. Adapters are made for direct and axial attachment to the air ducts of both round and rectangular cross-sections (refer to Section «Adapters»). 


This series of grilles consists of items of standard dimension types. However, it is possible to order grilles of any custom dimension with a step of 1 mm. The maximum and minimum dimensions are specified in Table1.

Coefficient of free section A f.s. for SEZON P-HV grilles is 0.62

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