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Model SFC-3000 - Filtration System



Do you want more from your filtration system? The SFC-3000 gives you just that. The SFC-3000 is a rugged filtration system designed for constant industrial or intermittent oil transfer use and more heavy duty than its entry-level counterpart the Sentry. Fitted with two high-quality filter housings, available in either 9” or 14”, it boasts a large dirt holding capacity and the option of staged filtration. On top of this, it offers a flow rate of 18 or 45L/min alongside flexible filter element selection to obtain a cleanliness level down to ISO cleanliness code 14/12/9-13/11/8.

Use the SFC-3000 to remove large contaminants in stage one and smaller particles in stage two. This staged process will reduce the frequency you need to change your elements.

The dual-filter design also means that you can introduce a water removal element, giving the option to remove both solid and water contamination in a single pass.

The SFC-3000 is a versatile unit and can be used in a multitude of industries...


  • Automotive industry
  • Steel production
  • Machine tools
  • Mining/Quarrying
  • Injection Moulding
  • Marine
  • Manufacturing and many more. 

Extensive Range of Filter Consumables Available: 

  • Schroeder 9VZ1, 9” Absolute Filter Element, 1µm
  • Filtertechnik FTB-xx, Absolute Filter Element, available from 3µm to 25µm (9” only)
  • Schroeder 14VZ, 14” Absolute Filter Element, available from 1µm to 25µm
  • Schroeder 9VM150/14VM150, Re-cleanable Filter Element, 150µm
  • Schroeder 9VW/14VW, Water Removal Element

  • Powerful flow rate options of 18 L/min or 45 L/min Ideal for use with high viscosity oils
  • Dual 9” or 14” filter housings for continuous filtration
  • Two filter housings fitted offering the possibility of staged filtration
  • Uses standard 110 or 240VAC mains electric
  • Off-line contamination control
  • Cleanliness level down to ISO cleanliness code 14/12/9-13/11/8
  • Rugged frame with integral drip tray
  • Portable, perfect for mobile use
  • All-terrain castor wheels

  • Rugged design
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to transport
  • Increased dirt holding capacity
  • Staged filtration possibilities to reduce element change out
  • Flexible filter element selection – water removal option available
  • Low-cost replacement cartridges
  • A range of element micron ratings available
  • Easy element changeover
  • Perfect for replenishing systems with filtered oil, end of production line flushing and emptying waste oil quickly
  • Low-cost consumables available in a range of micron ratings
  • Simple element changeover

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