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HyQuest Solutions Pty Ltd

Shaft Encoder Model AD375MA - AD375MAL

The Hydrological Services Absolute Shaft Encoder model AD375MA & AD375MAL is low power, microprocessor controlled shaft encoder designed for field operation to enable measurement of water level in well and dams. The internal CMOS circuitry enables the encoder to output measured levels in absolute format.

The absolute shaft encoder measures the angular position as the shaft rotates, totalises the signal and outputs either 4 to 20 mA, SDI12 or RS232. This signal relates to absolute level change from a set datum.

The signal can be viewed via the LCD display showing 4-20mA range and current water level and battery voltages

The shaft encoder can be float operated or connected to other servo mechanical sensors, chart recorders and weir gates with drive gears or chain and sprocket assemblies.

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