Neve Envirronement

Neve Envirronement

- Model 70 to 500 - Purification Plants


SHANNON RANGE 70 to 500 Inhabitants Equivalents (EH): Micro-compact stations like 'Biological discs'. The range SHANNON treatment plants are domestic compact wastewater treatment systems operated by submerged contactors combining activated sludge process and fixed cultures. The proposed range includes 7 styles of 70 to 500 population equivalents (according to usual design standards in France). SHANNON The treatment plant uses a biological treatment process. A unique technique of lamellar decanters associated with semi submerged rotors combines the purification processes by fixed cultures and activated sludge. This provides an extremely compact monobloc station including: primary sedimentation, biological reactor and secondary clarifier sludge storage

Main Features :

  • Extremely compact (built area from 11 to 25 m²)
  • Low power consumption
  • auto bearing piece tank
  • Expandable up to 2000 EH
  • Underground installation or above ground
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • completely soundproofed
  • Easily transportable (semi-trailer closed container)


  • Campsites - Holiday center - Golf
  • Hotels - Restaurants
  • Villages - Hamlets - Condos
  • Offices - Workshops - Schools
  • temporary and / or mobile installations
  • bases life

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