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Perfect fit, precision winding and reliable performance are critical to our customers products. For over 65 years, Sag Harbor Industries has been designing, redesigning and reimagining field coils with our customers with superb results. Our experience and track record of innovative solutions allows us to offer you versatility and depth of knowledge not easily matched in the industry.

Services Offered:

  • Shunt, series, tapered or untapered, compound, rotating and interpoles
  • Edge wound, strap wound, flat wound, layer wound and random wound
  • Fine wire to heavy duty power coils
  • Dedicated tooling
  • Free form specialization


Field coils are a large category of coils. We offer all types, custom created to our customers' exacting specifications. Some of the types of field coils we manufacture for our customers are:

  • Encapsulated
  • Glass taped
  • Tape wrapped
  • Injection molded
  • Transfer molded
  • Loose wound, bobbin wound or self-supported

Industry Usages

  • Electric motors
  • Generators
  • Electric brakes
  • Starter motors
  • Magnet coils 

Quality Assurances

We place a priority on quality. Our coils are produced in compliance with our ISO 9001:2008 certification. We maintain the absolute highest quality control measures to ensure customer satisfaction. Our self-auditing and inspection techniques are rigorous and thorough. Our team undergoes training and certification programs to ensure expert craftsmanship.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certification gives our customers the confidence that our production facilities, our internal and external auditing methods and our quality control procedures meet or exceed international standards. We consistently rank in our customer’s “Highest Vendor Ratings”. From product conception to application, our goal is to produce the highest quality product; as well as to deliver it on the designated date consistently and to continually improve in every aspect of our business.

Value Added Services

field coils

Value-added services are available per your requirements and at the customer’s request.

  • JIT/KanBan system options at our customer’s preference
  • RoHS compliance at your request
  • 24-hour response time when responding to feedback
  • The products we make are completely proprietary and never compromised
  • Personal and direct service with on-site communication
  • Teamwork between us and you, with superior performance being the goal

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