Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

- Model 3700/3700DUV - UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer


Shimadzu’s SolidSpec-3700/3700DUV spectrophotometers are top-of-the-line systems offering high sensitivity, deep UV measurement and large sample compartments. The SolidSpec-3700 and 3700DUV respond to the following requirements in the optical, semiconductor and FPD markets.

High-sensitivity measurement in NIR and a large sample compartment for material evaluation

Deep UV measurement in accordance with shorter wavelength laser, and 12-inch wafer whole surface measurement

Optical communications:
High-sensitivity measurement of anti-reflection films in NIR

High-sensitivity measurement from deep UV to NIR, and a large sample compartment

High Sensitivity
The SolidSpec-3700 and 3700DUV are the FIRST UV-VIS-NIR SPECTROPHOTOMETERS with THREE DETECTORS: a photomultiplier tube (PMT) detector for the ultraviolet and visible region; InGaAs and PbS detectors for the near-infrared region. The use of the InGaAs and PbS detectors makes the sensitivity in the near-infrared region significantly high.

Deep UV Measurement
The SolidSpec-3700DUV has the capability to measure the deep ultraviolet region down to 165nm(note) (or to 175nm with an integrating sphere) by purging both the optical and the sample compartment with nitrogen gas. Note) 165nm is the minimum wavelength for SolidSpec-3700DUV with its optical attachment, Direct Detection Unit DDU-DUV.

Large Sample Compartment
The large sample compartment (900W x 700D x 350H mm) allows large samples to be measured without destroying the sample. The vertical optical path makes it possible to measure large samples while keeping them horizontal. The whole sample area of 12 inches or 310 x 310 mm samples is measurable by mounting the automatic X-Y stage (option).

Optional Accessories

  • Direct Detection Unit DDU/DDU-DUV (for liquid/solid transmission measurements)
  • Automatic X-Y Stage (for automated measurement)
  • Large Specular Reflectance Attachment
  • Nitrogen Gas Flow Meter
  • Absolute Specular Reflectance Attachments (5°12°30°45°)
  • Sample Base Plate Integrating Sphere Set


  • Wavelength range:
    • SolidSpec-3700: 240-2600nm, 190-3300nm(when using Direct Detectiton Unit DDU)
    • SolidSpec-3700DUV: 175-2600nm, 165-3300nm (when using Direct Detection Unit DDU-DUV)
    • Spectral bandwidth
  • Spectral bandwidth:
    • UV/VIS: 0.1-8nm (8 steps)
    • NIR: 0.2-32nm (10 steps)
  • Resolution(*): 0.1nm
  • Wavelength accuracy(*): UV/VIS: ±0.2nm, NIR: ±0.8nm
  • Wavelength repeatability(*): UV/VIS: ±0.08nm, NIR: ±0.32nm
  • Stray light(*): Less than 0.00008% (220nm), less than 0.00005% (340nm) Less than 0.0005% (1420nm), less than 0.005%(2365nm)
  • Noise: Under 0.0002Abs (500nm, SBW 8nm), Under 0.00005Abs (1500nm, SBW 8nm) determined under conditions of RMS value at 0Abs and 1second response. When using Direct Detection Unit DDU/DDU-DUV, Under 0.00005Abs(500nm,SBW 2nm),
  • Under 0.00008Abs(900nm, SBW 2nm), Under 0.00003Abs(1500nm,SBW 2nm) determined under condition of RMS value at 0Abs and 1 second response.
  • Photometric range: -6 to 6Abs
  • Photometric system: Double beam, direct ratio measuring system
  • Dimensions: 1000W x 800D x 1200H mm, 170kg

(* Determined with Direct Detection Unit DDU)

All-in-one Software
UVProbe software for the SolidSpec-3700/3700DUV includes functions for spectrum measurement, quantitation, kinetics and a report generator. Multiple security and audit-trail functions ensure the reliability of data.