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Model SHL Series - Small Heatless Dryer



The Pioneer PHL, SHL and HDS Series, extremely simple and efficient in design, use dry compressed air for regeneration. The hard, attrition-resistant activated alumina is contained in two towers. While the compressed air is being dried in one tower, the desiccant in the other tower is reactivated. For regeneration of the desiccant, a small amount of the dried air (from the drying tower) is expanded to near atmospheric pressure in the regenerating tower. The dry air becomes super dry on expansion and readily adsorbs the moisture from the saturated desiccant bed. Because these dryers do not require a heater or blower and use counter-flow regeneration, they offer maximum reliability. Desiccant replacement every few years is about the only maintenance cost. Dewpoints down to -100°F/- 73.3°C are attainable.

To operate a 1000 SCFM heatless dryer, 4000 hours/year, based on $0.30/1000 SCF the purge cost is $10,808/year. To operate a 1000 SCFM Future-Aire system under similar conditions, the purge cost is $2,016/year. Based on $0.70/KWH and 5.0 KW power usage, the power cost for its refrigeration system is $1,400/year. Total operating cost for the Future-Aire system is $3,416/year.

Cost savings are $10,808 – $3,416 = $6,664 per year. Cost savings generally make Future- Aire the lowest overall cost dryer.

  • · Advantages
  • · Specifications
  • · Standard Features
  • · Lowest overall cost
  • · Cold coalescer with automatic drain and particulate afterfilter with manual drain are standard
  • · Accepts inlet temperature to 190°F/87.8°C with minimum increase in purge loss
  • · Reduces required compressor capacity
  • · Minimum purge loss
  • · Diagnostic control panel
  • · NEMA 4 electrical
  • · Reliability of two full-size dryers
  • · No dewpoint spikes of a heat-type
  • · More consistent dewpoint
  • · Longer desiccant life due to minimum moisture loading
  • · Longer valve life due to moderate temperatures
  • · The purge air heat exchanger acts as a secondary condenser to lower the refrigerant head pressure, lowering energy usage and increasing compressor life by helping it run cooler.

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