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Showers & Eyebaths Services Ltd

- Model GFTS12L/15L - Tank Safety Shower With Chiller



Manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic and Stainless Steel which are corrosion resistant materials, giving a long life, and suitability for outside use. Designed to be highly visible for ease of identification.  These units are ideal for areas where there is no water supply; interrupted water supply; low water pressure to guarantee correct flow rate or a tepid water supply Suitable for Non hazardous area. Electrical power requirement is 220-240v 1Ph 500Hz as standard. Suitable for temperatures -5 deg C to +50 deg C Available in Green, yellow or white. Green being standard.

  • Green pre-insulated, sealed tank ( 1500 Litres)
  • 2x 3/4” brass ball float valves & 6” plastic floats suitable for 2-10Bar water supply pressure. (Low Pressure valves also available)
  • Screened overflow (40mm)
  • Screened vent
  • 304 stainless frame, Linkages and fastenings
  • Stainless panic bar for extra security and operation (foot operation available as option
  • Stainless testing lever
  • Removable lifting/positioning lugs
  • Inspection hatches for maintenance purposes
  • 1” BSPM inlet (other sized inlets available including flanged & NPT)
  • Overhead ABS rose (75 LPM)
  • 3Kw Water chiller ( set at 20 deg C) fitted on RHS of tank
  • Water level switch built within chiller to ensure system turns off if the tank becomes empty
  • Overhead Sun Canopy- White GRP
  • Meets ANSI Z358.1-2009 standards
  • All applicable Safety signs with green & white stripes

Optional Extras

  • Heater pad & stat 
  • Eyebath 
  • Flexible eyewash
  • Various alarms (local & remote) 
  • Drain valve 
  • Spring Loaded doors
  • Side & rear Panels 
  • Lamps 
  • Strip Curtain
  • Temperature Gauge 
  • Drain Sump 
  • Platforms
  • Water level indicator 
  • Sirens 
  • EB treadle

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