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The average garden generates a large amount of waste during the year. Traditionally this has either been burnt or put out for the bin man! Much of this waste can be composted and returned to the land - composting un-shredded material is space consuming and slow.Shredding is the ideal way to start the process and does not affect the ozone layer or reduce land fill capacity.

Electric Shredders
Ideal for the smaller garden. Originally nearly all electric shredders were of the Impact type. The shredding was done by a combination of hammers and blades, which made them very noisy to use and hard on the hands when feeding them. 
Newer designs use slow speed; recoil-free spiral cutters or millers to shred the waste material and still allow normal conversation!

Bosch electric chipper/shredders

Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder. Powered by a 2500 watt & uses the “Turbine Cut” cutting system and copes well with both woody material up to 45mm and also green material. Includes a 53 litre collection bin and a removable feed hopper to reduce its height for under bench storage.

Bosch ATX 25 D Quiet Shredder. Powered by a 2500 watt motor driving a super quiet “drum cutter” that can cope with woody material up to 40mm. This system cuts and crushes to aid fast decomposition. Includes a 53 litre bin and removable feed chute for easy storage.

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 blade shredder. Designed for the fast throughput of green material. 2200 watt motor drives Bosch’s blade cutting system which is up to seven times more powerful than conventional systems.

Petrol powered chipper/shredders
Lawnflite Lawnflite 24-463. 5.5HP Briggs and Stratton engine. 50mm chipping capacity with a flail system giving a 10:1 reduction for green material. Drop down chute for easy feeding, transport wheels and 90 litre collection bag.

Lawnflite 24-465. 7hp engine giving 70mm chipping capacity. Other features as for the 24-463 above.

Lawnflite 24-202. This is a 5 hp walk-behind Vacuum with a built in 50mm shredder.

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