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- Model 100 - Silicon Carbide Sublimation Furnace



The SiClone 100 is designed for growing bulk semiconducting silicon carbide single crystals that can be finished into wafers up to 100 mm in diameter, using a sublimation growth technique or more generally known as PVT (Physical Vapor Transport). A solid-state induction heating unit is used to heat the crucible up to ~2600 °C.

In its initial offering, the SiClone 100 is targeted at customers who have developed their own hot zone, qualified a bulk crystal production recipe and are looking to begin volume production.

The furnace is equipped with state-of-the-art controls based on the Siemens Simatic WinAC software. The growth process is completely automated with the electronics and the human-machine interface connected to the furnace frame. Relevant process and event data is logged to a local database on each furnace and can be exported to a simple text file. This data can also be collected by an optional plant supervision system if furnaces are connected to a central server via a network interface module (e.g. via Ethernet).

  • Optimized induction coil design provides consistent heat profile and desired temperature
    gradient within customer’s provided hot zone
  • Bottom loading design for easy handling of hot zone
  • Flexibility in control to customize process recipe; temperature, profile, ramping, and gas flow
  • Onsite engineering and support facilitates scalability and quicker ramp up

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