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Side Stream Filtration


Balba Technologies supply a range of side stream filter systems which incorporate the Viking series of cyclone separators. Designed for the removing heavier than water particles with a specific gravity in the range 2.2 to 2.8. They are particularly well suited for the removal of rust and corrosion products and are widely used for cleaning closed circuit heating systems, cooling water circuits and other systems susceptible to solids ingress. Where there is a requirement for removal of particles down to 5 micron we have introduced our new VPU-FX range that incorporates additional filtration.

  • Liquid enters the unit tangential, which creates a centrifugal flow
  • A special top inlet construction accelerates the centrifugal flow
  • Centrifugal force moves particles to the sides of the separator chamber
  • Solids slowly drop along the sides to the quiet collection chamber
  • Cleaned liquid is drawn up through the vortex and leaves the separator by the top outlet
  • Solids are either periodically or continuously purged from the collection chamber


Systems can be installed inline or in a side stream and our standard range will treat flows from 2.0 to 3000 m3/hr. Balba Technologies offer standard ranges and custom built filtration systems to suit your requirements. The Viking ranges are offered with auto purge for the removal of solids and a continuous purge system with dirt collection and water recovery specifically designed for systems where even small water loss is not acceptable. Our BMS option allows pumped systems to be linked back to the main control centre. The Viking units are available in carbon steel or stainless steel. Removal of 98% of solids with a specific gravity of 2.4

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