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- Model 62 - Continuous Gas Analyzers For Hydrogen, Cl2, HCl or NH3



CALOMAT 62 is a thermal conductivity analyzer especially designed for applications in corrosive gases. The concentration of gas components such as Cl2, HCl and NH3 may be measured directly as well as gases such as H2 and N2 in aggressive atmospheres.  CALOMAT 6  is suited for applications such as chlorine-alkali-electrolysis, steel production and treatment, LNG processes, ammoniated synthesis, fertilizer production,  and petrochemicals.

The measuring principle of CALOMAT 62 is based on the measurement of thermal conductivity, a physical characteristic which is different for each gas. The signal is determined by a measuring bridge which consists of two electric resistances in the measuring gas channel and two resistances in the reference cell.  Depending on the application,  an isolated gas cell or a flowed reference could be used.

CALOMAT 62, similar to CALOMAT 6, allows for correction of cross-interference from residual gases. CALOMAT 62 is available in a compact 19 ' housing as well as in a purgeable IP65 field case which provides gas-tight separation of the electronics and the Analyzer parts.

Max. number of components: 1
Components: e.g. H2, Cl2, HCl
Smallest measuring range: Component-specific: 0-1 % / 0-10 %
Housing: 19' rack unit / Field housing

  • Universally applicable hardware basis
  • Integrated correction of cross-interference, no external calculation required
  • Open interface architecture (RS 485, RS 232, PROFIBUS)
  • SIPROM GA network for maintenance and service information (optional)
  • Electronics and analyzer unit: gas-tight separation, purgeable, IP65, long service life even in harsh environments (field device)

Fields of application

  • Chlorine-alkali electrolysis
  • Metallurgy (steel production and processing)
  • H2 measurement in LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) process
  • Ammonia synthesis
  • Fertilizer production
  • Petrochemicals

19' rack unit

  • With 4HE for installation
    • in hinged frame
    • in cabinets with or without telescope rails
    • With closed or flow-type reference chambers
  • Front plate for service purposes can be pivoted down (laptop connection)
  • IP20 degree of protection, with purging gas connection
  • Internal gas routes: Pipe made of stainless steel (mat. no. 1.4571)
  • Gas connections for sample gas inlet and outlet and for reference gas: Internal thread 1/8' – 27 NPT
  • Purging gas connections: Pipe diameter 6 mm or 1/4'
  • With closed or flow-type reference chambers

Field device

  • Two-door enclosure (IP65) for wall mounting with gas-tight separation of analyzer and electronic parts, purgeable
  • Individually purgeable enclosure halves
  • Gas path with screw pipe connection made of stainless steel (mat. no. 1.4571), or Hastelloy C22
  • Purging gas connections: Pipe diameter 10 mm or 3/8'
  • Gas connections for sample gas inlet and outlet and for reference gas: Internal thread 1/8' – 27 NPT
  • With closed or flow-type reference chambers

Display and control panel

  • Large LCD field for simultaneous display of:
    • Measured value (digital and analog displays)
    • Status bar
    • Measuring ranges
  • Contrast of the LCD field adjustable via the menu
  • Permanent LED backlighting
  • Washable membrane keyboard with five softkeys
  • Menu-driven operator control for parameterization, test functions, adjustment
  • Operator support in plain text
  • Graphical display of the concentration progression; time intervals parameterizable
  • Bilingual operating software German/English, English/Spanish, French/English, Spanish/English, Italian/English

Input and outputs

  • One analog output per medium (from 0, 2, 4 to 20 mA; NAMUR parameterizable)
  • Two analog inputs configurable (e.g. correction of cross-interference or external pressure sensor)
  • Six binary inputs freely configurable (e.g. measurement range changeover, processing of external signals from the sample preparation)
  • Six relay outputs, freely configurable (e.g. failure, maintenance request, threshold alarm, external magnetic valves)
  • Each can be expanded by eight additional binary inputs and relay outputs (e.g. for autocalibration with max. four test gases)

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