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A reliable Sample Conditioning System (SCS) for an on-line process analyzer is a prerequisite for analyzer reliability. Many published articles suggest greater than 65% of analyzer reliability failures are due to the SCS. Failures are generally reported as an analyzer measurement issue, but maintenance records typically point to the SCS as a root cause of the failure.

Direct Connection

Simple, Smart connectivity to a sample system enables your maintenance program to have 'eyes in the field' when your maintenance technicians are not. Upgrading a SCS to include continuous measurement of temperature, pressure and/or flow provides information to evaluate, or alarm, on the condition of the process material to the analyzer.  The installation of the temperature, flow, pressure, or valve control components requires no additional process control resources external to the the Maxum PGC or NAU.

Low Installation Costs

Components are connected directly to the Siemens NAU and Maxum series process analyzers. Configuration is on board and components are independently recognized and ready for application integration when connected.

Remote Inspection

Inspection of the performance of an analyzer sample conditioning system from a remote location is a reality.

Granulation of Performance

  • Validation of the performance of the analyzer becomes 3 dimensional.

  • Analytical performance of the application can be segregated from the SCS

  • The dynamics of the SCS delivering the material to the analyzer, and

  • Communications of the SCS performance.

Maintenance Planning

A need for visual inspection of the SCS becomes less frequent because critical KPI's may be observed as performance criteria. Information from the sample conditioning system enables predictive maintenance for the process measurement. Temperature, pressure, and flow maintenance issues become more manageable through remote monitoring. Improved reliability of an analyzer can be achieved by improving the maintainability of the SCS.

Personnel Safety

Direct access to a sample conidtioning system is not required to diagnose system issues.

  • CSA and ATEX Certified for use in Class I Division 1, Class I Division 2, Zone 1, and Zone 2 installations
  • Devices may be mounted in traditional configuration or modular design sample systems
  • Temperature of installation can be up 70 Degree C
  • Connectivity beween the device and the analyzer is simple, achieved through a single cable
  • Connection to device is IP54 compliant
  • Simple to implement

Pressure, temperature, flow and remote valve control elements mounted in a sample conditioining system may be easily, and directly, connected to the Siemens Maxum or NAU. Providing these measurements to the analyzer provide an updated and multidimensional aspect for process analysis.

Siemens provides area rated devices to enhance the analytical performance influenced by the SCS performance.

Using today's technology, installed systems can be updated by:

  • Installing control elements in an SCS with a reduced installation cost
  • Implementing the functions of the devices with direct connectivity and no dependence on external control systems
  • Improving the reliability of the process measurement by providing real time view of the SCS condition and performance
  • Increasing the potential to improve analyzer reliability by monitoring the KPI's of the SCS and responding with planned maintenance activity
  • Providing information allowing the remote inspection of a SCS
  • Reducing the dependence for walk around inspections
  • Stepping up SCS information to increase personnel safety for SCS related tasks

Improve analyzer vision by stepping up to a more intelligent deliverable. SCS intelligence increases analyzer recognized performance, upgrades safety, steps up the maintenance plans, and saves you time.

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