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- Model 101 - Ultra Low Flow Mass Flow Meters & Controllers



As today's science and engineering focuses more and more on micro technology, the requirement to be able to measure and control extremely low gas mass flow rates has become very important.

With advanced sensor technology and a special valve orifice design, MicroTrak accurately measures and controls mass flow rates previously thought by scientists to be far too low for repeatable readings. Choose the MicroTrak today for the most accurate measurement of extremely low-flow gases.

For lab researchers and systems integrators/OEMs, the MicroTrak thermal mass flow controller is a true multi-gas digital MFC designed to deliver smooth, stable, accurate, and repeatable gas mass flow control.  Unaffected by upstream gas temperature and pressure fluctuations, gas mass flow control is direct and unequivocal. 

Quality Calibration: MicroTrak's NIST traceable accuracy is backed by our ten point, primary standard calibration over the entire flow range.  MicroTrak has a strong and flexible control valve with accessible PID valve tuning to assure best speed and reliability. Custom valve orifice sizing yields full-range stability.  If you need something special, Sierra customizes often free of charge.

  • Measure and control flow rates down to 0.1 sccm (smlm)
  • Increase efficiency with true, digital high-performance
  • Navigate easily with large multifunction display interface
  • Make adjustments in the field for time savings
  • Configure up to 10 gasses with one instrument

  • Ideal for OEM, industry and research
  • Full-scale flow ranges under 4sccm (smlm)
  • Proprietary valve orifice design for smooth control at ultra-low flows
  • User-friendly pilot module display interface is front-mounted, hand-held or remote mounted
  • Field adjustment with multifunction pilot module display interface.  Change the following:
    • Measured gas
    • Flow rate
    • Engineering units
    • Set zero, span and full scale for each gas independently
  • Primary Standard Calibration & NIST traceability
  • 10 pre-programmed gases come standard; substitute up to 9 more
  • Proprietary frictionless-hovering direct-acting control/shut-off valve
  • Precision digital PID valve control; no valve tuning or adjustment
  • Free user software
  • Control functions also available from PC via RS-232
  • Source code for RS-232 communication provided
  • Compod™ upgrade to run processes without expense of DCS or PLC system
  • Enhanced networking capability, including two digital relays, totalization, inputs, and display

  • All clean gases including toxics and corrosives       
  • High accuracy: +/- 0.5% of of full scale available
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% of full scale
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.2% of full scale
  • Flow ranges from 0 to 4 sccm (smlm)
  • Higher and lower flow ranges available 
  • Pressure up to 500 psig (34.5 barg)
  • Gas/ambient temp: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) 
  • Response time: Governed by total volume of installation, contact Sierra for suggestions on optimized installation
  • Single-sided 24 VDC power supply
  • Seals: Viton®, Neoprene®, Kalrez®
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Analog/digital output signals: RS-232, RS-485 (Multi-drop), 0 to 20, 4 to 20 mA; 0 to 5, 1 to 5, 0 to 10 VDC
  • Digital communications: Foundation FieldbusModbus RTU, and Profibus DP
  • CE approved

  • Accuracy : +/- 1% of Full Scale including linearity at operating conditions
  • Dial-A-Gas : +/- 1% of Full Scale in all 10 standard gases
  • Repeatability : +/- 0.2% of Full Scale
  • Temperature Coefficient : +/- 0.025% of Full Scale per °F (0.05% of Full Scale per °C), or better
  • Pressure Coefficient : +/- 0.01% of Full Scale per psi (0.15% of Full Scale per bar), or better
  • Response Time : Governed by total volume of installation. Contact Sierra for suggestions on optimized installation.

All clean gases including corrosives & toxics; specify when ordering. The following ten gases make up the Dial-A-Gas® feature of every
Micro-Trak instrument; up to nine alternate gases may be substituted.

Flow ranges specified are for an equivalent flow of nitrogen at 760 mm Hg and 21°C (70°F); other ranges in other units are available (e.g., nlpm, scfh, nm3/h, kg/h)

Gas Pressure
500 psig (34.5 barg) maximum, burst tested to 750 psig (52 barg)

Pressure Drop Across a Meter
0.36 psi (24.5 mbar)

Differential Pressure Requirement For Controllers
30 psi (2040 mbar) optimum
1 psi (68 mbar) minimum at 21o C with outlet at ambient pressure

Gas & Ambient Temperature
32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)

Leak Integrity
5 X 10-9 standard cc/sec of helium maximum

Power Requirements (Ripple noise not to exceed 100mV peak-to-peak)
For Mass Flow Meters:15 to 24 VDC +/- 10% (130 mA maximum)
For Mass Flow Controllers: 24 VDC +/- 10% (400 mA, regulated) for C101

Control Range For Controllers
2–100% of Full Scale flow; automatic shut-off at 1.9 %

Output Signal
Linear 4 to 20 mA, 500 ohms maximum loop resistance and one of the following: Linear 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, 1 to 5 VDC, 1000 ohms minimum load resistance
RS-232; Pilot Module Display optional

Command Signal
Analog (choice of one):
Linear 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, 1 to 5 VDC
RS-232; Pilot Module Display optional

Wetted Material
316 stainless steel, 416 stainless steel; synthetic ruby, Viton® “O”-rings and valve seat standard; other elastomers are available (consult factory)

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