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Silencers for stationary engines are available as a standard version for selected engines and are also designed to customer specifications. Depending on the engine’s exhaust noise as well as the required target noise levels and the available pressure drop, silencers are engineered on a customer-specific basis. Besides reducing the exhaust noise, the available space for the silencer(s) is optimised so that extremely compact solutions are possible.

Materials are selected according to the operating conditions in close cooperation with customers and their needs.

The most commonly-used versions are reactive silencers, which are effective primarily in the low and medium frequency range, as well as adsorption silencers, which are effective in the medium and high frequency range, as well as a combination of both to cover the entire sound spectrum.

The silencer version with integrated catalyst elements for the reduction of emissions is particularly space-saving and prevents undesired pressure drops compared to a separate installation of the catalyst in the exhaust gas duct. A flexible inspection opening ensures accessibility to the catalyst.

In combination with the solutions for emissions reduction and heat recovery from exhaust gas, APROVIS employees are on hand to advise you on the optimisation of the entire exhaust gas duct.

Of course, APROVIS can also take sound measurements on site to find the best solution for your system’s requirements.

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