- Model T4080 - Tandem Spreaders



All tandem spreaders with robust, continuous paralell frames out of strong tubes. Each vehicle consist of two separate parts which are weld together. A strong frame connects the drawbar with the axle and forms the base of the spreader. The platform built on it contains the floor and side-boards. By this system the frame of the spreader gets particularly twist stiff and a high load-capacity ensures.  Because the use of high-quality materials and a thought-out construction weight is saved and makes a maximum payload possible. All KIRCHNER-spreaders can be supplied also with galvanized side-boards.

Steering axle :

Each manure spreader with tandem axle can be equiped with a hydraulic blockable steering axle if desired. Avantage of the KIRCHNER steering axle are the externallegend thighs with an optimal distribution of the trailer-weight to axle and wheels. For reserve movement the axle can be blocked by the hydraulic. The thighs are forged.    

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