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- Tube tower with Hydraulic Lift



Simolin Water & Energy Ltd has launched a MODULAR mast family which offers you superior advantages. Just select a CIRRUS Mast according to the purpose of use.

Every mast delivery includes both the basic bolt series for the foundation and the concrete reinforcement drawings. Also a complete standard reinforcement series is NOW available.

CIRRUS Wind Turbine Mast is delivered preassembled so that the foundation anchor as well as the turbine adapter are pre-installed to the mast elements. The customer only needs to connect the middle sections to each others which is very quick and easy to do.

A selection of fixing bands for CIRRUS Masts are also available to connect almost anything on the mast: maintenance ladders, lights, cameras, signs, link antennas, sightseeing terrace, etc.


CIRRUS Mast is made of HIGH TENSILE STEEL. The cell construction method of CIRRUS Mast together with the high tensile steel enables the weight of CIRRUS Mast to be ONLY ONE THIRD of a traditionally manufactured mast. This is the secret of the world's lightest and strongest self supporting tube mast. Also significant amounts of raw material is saved. The lightness of CIRRUS Mast offers significant advantages also in the vertical assembly of the mast as the installation can be done by using less heavy crane equipment.The mast is designed to meet the IEC 61400-2 (2006-03) standard, wind class 1.

Masts strength is calculated, but will also be tested mechanically. The mast is completely hot-dip galvanised. The designed service life is 25 years. Available in all RAL colours.

Foundation with standard bolt series for concrete or for bedrock, a complete foundation package available.  A hinged version is also available as an option.

The length of the mast elements is either 5800 or 11800 mm, and the elements are designed to fit in a 20/40 feet shipping container. Total mast height is from 12 up to 120 m.

Hydralic tilting lift for wind power masts

Simolin Water & Energy Ltd has announced the first built-in hydraulic lift device for wind turbine poles. Now available for 10 kW turbine (1000 kg) max 27m mast height. Hydraulic cylinder is placed inside of mast for safety and cleaner appearence. The device can be equipped with internal or external hydraulic pump.

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