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Kraissl pipeline strainers and filters protect pumps, nozzles, valves, heat exchangers and other expensive pipeline equipment from harmful flow contamination by catching dirt and debris.

Kraissl Model 72 Series simplex strainers and filters provide a simple cost-effective way to separate particle impurities from fluid flow systems. Simplex models described in this bulletin are designed for applications where temporary interruption of a batch process can be permitted for basket cleaning. Where continuous, uninterrupted flow is required, our duplex strainers and filters described in other bulletins should be used.

Kraissl strainers are listed by Underwriter's Laboratories, no. (U.L.) for fuel and flammable liquid service through size 4 inch, and are individually tested to U.L. quality control specifications. These cast pipeline strainers are designed and manufactured according to international standard A.S.T.M. F-1199 for use in marine and industrial applications.

Kraissl Model 72 series simplex strainers are supplied with quick-opening hand-clamp closure for pressure up to 200 psig in sizes up to six inch inclusive. Yoke closures permit easy access without use of tools. The basket is held on its seat by the cover against a spring basket handle.

For higher pressure and larger sizes, our Model 72H series with stud and nut closures are available. Strainer baskets are fabricated from perforated metal. The smallest common perforation size is 1/64 inch in brass and 1/32 inch in stainless steel or monel. Filter baskets are manufactured with fine mesh wire cloth over supporting perforated metal. Optional patented double element baskets provide greatly increased separating area in the same space, and are easily disassembled for cleaning. Interchangeable strainer, filter and double element baskets provide a wide range of operating choices.

Baskets are also available with magnet inserts to help eliminate fine metallic ferrous particles.Internal channels in the Model 72 and 72H Series are 100% full flow, having the same cross sectional area as the equivalent pipe size to avoid flow restriction. Normal flow is through the interior of the basket which contains the collected debris when lifted out for cleaning. Where reverse flow is desired, the fluid travels from the outside to the inside of the basket, and debris collects on the basket exterior.

Both threaded-NPT port and A.N.S.I. flanged port connections are available, as well as metric flanges and other special ports. Drain plugs are furnished on all sizes. Backwash and gage taps can be installed. Weld-end ports and steam-jacketed steel models can also be provided.

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