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Simply Sampler/Stationry



Simple automatic water sampler with all basic options for sampling in time, volume, flow and phenomenon-based modes. Sampling is provided by a peristaltic pump. Before each sampling, the pump reverse flow blows the hose, and the same occurs after the sampling. The hose can be washed several times with the current sample before each sampling – the liquid is sucked only up to the pump and then discharged.

The sampling program is stored in the configuration memory connector – the preset sampling mode is launched by connecting it to the device. After the configuration connector connecting, use the button to calibrate the required sample volume. While the program is running, the same button can be used for non-scheduled manual sampling. The sampler status is indicated by the button backlight and the bi-color LED on the configuration connector. The way the sampler is used requires neither display nor keypad, making the operation much simpler. Several configuration connectors can be used to operate the sampler, programmed for individual sampling modes, or you can use the configuration connector/PC software kit anytime to select the sampling program or sampling cycle periods. Samples are taken to a shared container.

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