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- Model 4000 - Portable Heavy Vehicle Brake Tester



Simret 4000 is the latest portable brake tester for off-road vehicles. It is small and lightweight, with a large, backlit screen and comes with a detachable printer, which can communicate with several instruments. The instrument is ideally suited to the brake ratio method of testing for rubber-tyred vehicles in quarries, open cast coal sites and mines. It records average brake ratio, test incline, speed and stopping distance. Data and graphs can both be printed and shown on screen. The brake ratio is measured independently of gradient and speed, allowing tests to take place anywhere.

It stores up to 99 test results and plant descriptions, and may be used with a brake pedal trigger pad to record brake delay time. Both trigger pad and printer may be connected by cable or wirelessly over Bluetooth.

  • Single click control
  • User friendly operating menus
  • Cordless operation
  • Large, back-lit screen

The Simret 4000 is the latest member of the Turnkey family of heavy vehicle brake testers. It is ideally suited for the brake ratio method of brake testing, recommended as best practice in the latest ‘Guidance on brake testing for rubbertyre vehicles operating in quarries, open cast coal sites and mines’ (published in May 2007 by EPIC in conjunction with OPERC and the UK Health and Safety Executive, ISBN 978 0 947974 62 6).

The Simret 4000 module is small enough to squeeze into the tightest cab and is operated via one simple interactive control. It’s also the world’s first Bluetooth enabled brake tester, which means no messy cables are required to connect the brake pedal trigger pad or printer.

The Simret 4000 printer will wirelessly produce a printed record of the average brake ratio, test incline, the brake delay time, the speed when braking was initiated, the stopping distance and the brake ratio/time graph. Moreover, the graphical display screen can quickly show whether the brake ratio reaches a plateau level as recommended by the above guidance document.

  • Single Turnkey click control, no awkward buttons to remember.
  • Easy, user friendly operating menus displayed on a large backlit screen.
  • Measures Brake Ratio independent of gradient and speed, as recommended in latest Guidance on brake
  • testing for rubber tyre vehicles operating in quarries, open cast coal sites and mines.
  • Screen can display brake ratio plateau to verify that the brake effort has fully developed as recommended in
  • the afore mentioned guidance.
  • Specifically designed to test brakes on heavy off-road vehicles and to automatically compensate for any
  • variation in gradient when doing so, see Cautionary Note 2 in the afore mentioned guidance.
  • Brake pedal trigger pad allows brake delay time to be determined.
  • 4Mb internal memory, saves up to 99 test results with graphs. Optional 2Gb SD card memory.
  • Memorises up to 99 plant descriptions, 16 test conditions and 4 brake types.
  • Annotates results with date, test conditions, operator and plant description.
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery.
  • 10+ hours operation from each battery charge.
  • Bluetooth printer and pedal pad for completely cordless operation.
  • Small and compact brake testing module is pocket sized and housed in ruggedised rubber case.
  • Fast Bluetooth printer for permanent copies of test results.
  • RS232/USB or Bluetooth interface to download results to WinSim or other Windows based PC program.
  • Supplied in tough Pelicase with compartment for Bluetooth pedal pad, battery charger and spare paper rolls.
  • Extra Simret 4000 modules can be purchased and paired with any Simret 4000 printer.
  • Multipoint UKAS accredited calibration ensures accurate results even at low brake ratios.
  • RoHS compliant and CE marked.
  • Designed, developed and manufactured by Turnkey.
  • This design is protected and registered in the United Kingdom 3001616, Germany 40206551, USA D478523S, France 024676, South Africa A2002/00965 and Australia 150186.

Turnkey and Simret are registered trademarks. Simret was originally developed by the UK Health and Safety Executive to measure brake ratio for heavy off-road vehicles and mine locomotives.

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