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- Metallic Shaft Sleeves


There is no reason to use metallic shaft sleeves when you can use SIMSITE Structural Composite Sleeves, which not only protects the shaft, but they are light weight, and seal better against the O-rings of the mechanical seals.

Simsite® Engineered Structural Composite Sleeves, will not corrode in salt water, waste water, sewage,or chlorinated water and are excellent with most acid and alkaline solutions.

All grades of SIMSITE® Sleeves have self-lubricatingqualities, which allow for tighter clearances and prevents excessive shaft movement.

SIMS manufactures sleeves machined from our engineered SIMSITE® Structural Graphite Composite material made of graphite fibers continuously interwoven in a tri-dimensional weave with a hybrid epoxy/phenolic resin system. SIMS also offers several other grades of engineered structural composite sleeves.

The SIMSITE® sleeve seen in the picture to the left utilizes a continuously interwoven synthetic fiber reinforcement system with Molybdenum Disulfide as a lubricant. 
All of our engineered sleeves are 100 percent machined from solid blocks of SIMSITE® structural composite, and are capable of continuous operation at over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. All grades of SIMSITE® possess excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance. A Simsite® Sleeve with a synthetic fiber reinforcement system with Molybdenum Disulfide as a lubricant.

Set screws, threads, or a keyway can be installed into SIMSITE® Composite Sleeves to prevent them from moving on the shaft. SIMSITE® Sleeves have an excellent compatibility with a wide range of chemicals. This allows for the use of SIMSITE® Composite Sleeves in a vast variety of environments.The structural integrity of our sleeves allows for usage with multiple grades of O-rings.All SIMSITE® Composite Sleeves are precision-machined on CNC lathes to meet the most stringent specifications.

Contrary to metal sleeves, SIMSITE® Composite Sleeves allow for easy installation and removal. They are protective of the shaft against corrosion, electrolysis and wear.

  • Corrosion Resistant.
  • Exceptional Mechanical Strength.
  • Eliminates Electrolysis.
  • Light Weight.
  • Protects the Shaft.
  • Holds the Shaft More Securely.
  • Increases Operating Lifetime.
  • Seals Better against the Mechanical Seal.
  • Can Take Dry Starts.
  • Wears Better Against Guide Bearings.

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