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- Model 106/206-RW - Reclaimed Water Valve



The 106-RW and 206-RW series control valves offer superior corrosion resistance performance in grey or reclaimed water applications and can be used in all standard and special applications. It’s constructed from materials which are selected specifically to address corrosion concerns from chlorine, chloramine, and other corrosive elements typically found in grey or reclaimed water.

  • Resists corrosion from chlorine chloramine and other corrosive elements typically found in grey or reclaimed water
  • Can be used in all standard and special applications

Select Singer main valve specifications from the main valve section and incorporate the following addendum:

  • Valve shall be color-coded to the standard color for reclaimed water (Optional)
  • The AISI 316 Stainless Steel stem shall be oxy-nitride coated to resist mineral build up.
  • All exposed threads shall be protected to prevent corrosion.
  • All diaphragms and resilient discs shall be EPDM.
  • All main valve yellow metals shall be replaced with stainless steel.
  • Reclaimed water option is available on all Singer main valve bodies incorporating flat style or single rolling diaphragm technolog

Select Singer Valve pilot specifications from the pilot section with the following addendum:

  • Pilot selected shall incorporate only EPDM diaphragms and Viton inner valves.
  • Strainer shall be an Arion J 1521 Glass (Metal Option) strainer with a 40 mesh screen.

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