SPP Pumps Limited

SPP Pumps Limited

Single and Multistage Vertical Turbine Pumps



SPP Pumps Lowest Life-cycle Cost Series of Single and Multi-Stage Vertical Turbine pumps have been designed for longevity and incorporate many standard features, which facilitate ease of maintenance.

A spacer coupling between the thrust bearing assembly and seal chamber allows a cartridge mechanical seal to be removed without dismantling the headpiece and removing the driver.

Easily removable keyed muff type couplings connect all shafts, facilitating disassembly of the whole pump unit with minimal risk of damaging expensive component parts.

High-grade standard materials of construction and a rugged stiff shaft mechanical design coupled to state of the art hydraulics, offer unrivalled longevity and the lowest cost of ownership.

  • Water treatment and supply
  • River water extraction
  • Borehole deep well extraction
  • Drainage and irrigation
  • Cooling tower circulation
  • Process and industrial utility duties
  • Petrochemical utility duties
  • Condensation extraction
  • Sea water lift
  • Power plant utility duties

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