- Baling Machines Vertical Balers Single Ram Baler

SVB2series of single ram balers are widely used for compacting a variety of waste paper, waste plastics, cotton yarn, cans and other loose products. With the advantage of small floor occupation and a wide choice of model according to your requirement on bale weight (from 40kgs to 200kgs), it becomes an ideal tool for basic baling application. Also, it is very easy for operation; even a very small stock clerk can handle it very well. Features: 1. Automatic bale ejector for quick and easy turn-around time. 2. Special wheel design makes sure that the platen will not slope as a result of uneven feeding. 3. Peculiar combination of motor and pump with direct-crossed connection makes sure precise concentricity, extending the life span of pump. 4. Easy grip and safe gradual release wheeled guide screw for controlled opening of the bale chamber door. 5. Equipped with independent emergency stop button. 6. Safe and easy to operate. 7. Integrate welding. 8. CE certified.

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