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- Model WF Series - Hydroseeding Machine



Hydro seeding technology is more and more popular in large area grass projects. WF series hydroseeder is with powerful diesel engine, agitation system with hydraulic motor drive, strong centrifugal pump for spraying thicker material (60%-70% solid content in the mixture). It is specially designed for grass projects which soil condition is tough and spraying distance is long. Such as slope greening, erosion control, landfill cover, mine reclamation, dust control, etc.

  • The material of main structure is made of high quality structural steel. No matter how worse the soil conditions are, it ensure seeding successfully. And it has reasonable, generous appearance. Painted with imported painting to guarantee of three-year no fading.
  • Advanced technology, it even mixes for materials which have poor mobility, no blocking, and no stopping, well adaptation of various materials, big output pressure.
  • Two mixing models, blades mixing and circular spray, are powerful enough to ensure the spraying mixture in the planting process is fully mixed, evenly emitting the mixture of raw materials at one time.
  • It has strong power, the maximum head can be above 60m, and be equipped with many types of spraying guns, which extend the maximum operation scope from 200m to 300m; fan-shaped spray nozzle or mist spraying is more suitable for close-distance planting to meet various requirements.

WF series hydroseeding equipment could spray mixture which soil content up to 70%, it is mainly used for large area greening projects, such as seeding, erosion control, mine reclamation, riverbank protection, landfill solution,golf course, fire suppression,etc.

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