- Pipe Air Testing Equipment



The SIROCCO standalone system is designed to conduct air test of pipes, manholes and laterals.

Mobile Unit Including :

  • A blowing machine to pressurize the pipe
  • A standalone control unit
  • A high precision digital pressure sensor
  • A control and report software
  • Batteries for power supply

In compliance with the standard (NF-EN 1610:1997-12)

Test protocols :

  • LB (50 mbars), LC (100 mbars) and LD (option) for air test
  • W for water test

Software :
A standalone software  allows the creation of test report. (possible link with the video inspection report software “HYDROSCAN”). Wi-fi data transmission.
Dimensions : W x L x H : 380 x 640 x 1080 mm
Options :

  • LD protocol (200 mbars)
  • GPS positioning
  • 12 V air compressor with batteries to inflate plugs

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