- Rotating Disc Screen



Rotating Disc Screens are self-cleaning fine screens with an opening size of 50-200 microns. They are the ideal screen type to be utilised in the treatment of fibrous wastewaters such as those originating from the textile or pulp and paper industries, as well as in the protection of heat exchangers. They are also used in process water preparation.

Rotating Disc Screens consist of pairs of flat discs covered with stainless steel sieves, water distribution weir, and water spraying system. The number of disc pairs and disc diameter depends on flowrate. They are fully covered with a stainless steel cover to prevent smells and splashes.

Rotary Disc Screen is a fine screen for filtration between 20-200 microns. Preferred especially in textile industry and paper mills, this screen is used for protection of heat exchangers and for process water preparation purposes. It is comprised of disc pairs covered with stainless steel sleeve, bearing systems, water distribution weir and water spraying system.

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