- Travelling Band Screens



This type of screen is utilised for very fine screening following the coarse screen in stream- or sea-water intake structures. It relies on the principle of collecting screenings on sieve modules mounted on a chain and then expelling them through back-washing with pressurised water. In general, the conveyor screen consists of a frame, a chain, sealing plates, washing system, and discharge and screen panels. The sieves are mounted on screen panels. Pressurised water blown out of nozzles located on the inner side of the panel guides the screenings accumulated on the panel sieve into the channel and leads them to the discharge point.

Travelling band screens come in three different models, namely: through flow, centre flow and dual flow, depending on the particular application. The choice of screen depends on the location of the channel or water intake and the flowrate of the water that will pass through the screen.

It is most widely used in water intake structures (from sea or river) in plants that consume water in great amounts, e.g., cooling towers in steel factories and power plants, or carrying sugar beet in sugar factories.

It is generally comprised of chain, sealing plates, washing system, chute and screening panels. Sealing plates are mounted to the guide holders and the walls by anchorage profiles. They are used for preventing leakage. The screening panel is comprised of frame, sieve, sieve pressure frame, pressure profiles, horizontal and vertical rubbers.

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