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The SubC Sixgill is a cinema quality HD and 3D underwater camera. Built in sync allows multiple units to be combined in a solution to create professional 3D video and data.

Video is output at up to 2K resolution at 60 frames / sec. This unit produces superior quality video, surpassing some of the most expensive and large cameras on the market at a fraction of the size and cost. Large pixel size allows low light capability.

Various lens options are available including 10x Optical Zoom. Flat Sapphire or Wide-Angle viewports are also available.Easy to use software for serial control is included.

The Sixgill camera is a key component of the Dimeye VLS offshore hardware. DimEye Corp. is a high tech small business with more than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of software, hardware and methodologies in Close Range Photogrammetry.

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