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Combiblock units are wastewater treatment plants which complement our range of prefabricated plants. They are ready for above ground installation and capable to serve municipal - sewage or various industrial applications.

Their unique characteristic is that their external dimensions are equivalent to ISO standard containers (same height and width) making these units easy to transport, install and reinstall. 

Combiblock units are proprietary designs of Euromarket and are based on the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) treatment process matched with an internal sedimentation stage. 

The MBBR process is based on the ability to develop aerobic bacteria culture on a protected plastic media surface. The media are kept in suspension by the air that is diffused into the aerobic reactor or with the use of mixing devices in the case of anoxic denitrification reactors. In turn, the bacteria population biodegrades the organic waste compounds. For the sedimentation purposes, gravity or lamella plate settler is employed and the result is an effluent of excellent quality.

Different Combiblock models are offered with respect to capacity and treatment configuration. Combiblock units require minimum maintenance and are characterized by very low energy consumption.

The necessary air blowers and control unit are also housed in the Combiblock, in a specially designed compartment. Combiblock treatment units cause no nuisance to the surrounding area due to their low noise emission and odoureless operation.

  • Separate pretreatment unit (FOG and grit removal) which performs collection, balancing and pumping of raw wastewater into the reactor. It is normally installed underground and instead of stainless steel, it could be made of concrete
  • Mono-block Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) which performs compartmental BOD5 removal, nitrification (optional) and denitrification (optional) and sedimentation stage (gravity or via lamella plate settler). The reactor has the external dimensions of an ISO container (FEU or TEU). The mono-block construction also houses the control cabinet with the air blowers, control unit, and dosing stations for chlorine and coagulant/flocculant when required   
  • Separate tank for final effluent collection and disinfection before it is disposed for irrigation

  • All tanks made of stainless steel AISI 304 (or AISI 316 upon demand). External walls may be double layer and/or heat insulated.
  • Aeration system made of stainless steel
  • All wet parts made of corrosion free materials (i.e. stainless steel, UPVC, PE or other plastics)
  • Biofilm media carriers made of HDPE   

A number of benefits derive from the MBBR process
  • Robustness on load variations
  • Tolerance with disturbances
  • Odourless operation
  • Low energy requirements and low running cost
  • Excellent effluent quality
  • Very small footprint

In addition the design concept behind Combiblock provides some other benefits:

  • Simple, fast and easy transport, installation and reinstallation due to the external dimensions that are those of ISO containers.

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