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Grit Trap designed to screen effluent in circular concrete or coated steel tank. Klearline GRT: The SKE Grit Trap is designed to be installed in circular concrete or coated steel tank. Screened effluent enters the tank, grit is removed and grit free effluent continues downstream through an outlet channel in the upper chamber. Grit laden liquid then proceeds to be classified.

The Grit Trap can be retro fitted to an existing plant or incorporated to new treatment works. With our experience and reliability we offer systems custom designed to suit the specification. SKE technical support provides advice and guidance from design through to installation, with after care and advice as paramount.

SKE offers a range of construction materials depending on application including, galvanised mild steel, AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel.The unit is composed of drive motor, gear reducer, paddle and drive shaft and airlift extracting pipe complete with air connections with the option of a mechanical torque limiting device.

The screened effluent enters the upper chamber of the tank via a tangential inlet channel. In the upper chamber of the grit trap, a rotating paddle creates a vortex effect which settles the grit particles to the bottom of the grit trap. Air is blown through a pipe into the base of the airlift system. As this air rises through the central discharge pipe it carries the grit laden liquid to a grit classifier. The grit free effluent flows out from an outlet channel situated in the upper chamber.

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